Cellular Providers Have VoIP Change of Heart

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25 Apr 2010

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There is nothing like money to have a change of heart as far as money is concerned and mobile data is all about money.

You may have seen recently a reprieve for mobile voip solutions such as Skype, Truphone and others on smart phones. My Blackberry and Nokia Smartphones both have Skype loaded on them. This is because they have seen the light. Traditionally these applications were banned because they threatened the core voice minutes business. But with the introduction of Iphone and Andriod applications, they have seen an explosion in data use. Japan, where wireless networks have evolved further, in part due to a smaller geographic footprint, cellphone usage is now 90 percent data, and soon its wireless data connections will overtake home and office internet connections in terms of volume.

Mobile VoIP Providers are natural partners for Cellular carriers because they offer carriers the ability to charge for additional features and services that are IP based rather than voice based. Because the wall-garden approach was a complete and utter failure, they have been working on ways to work with application partners to develop apps that they can charge for and mobile Voip is a good start.

You can read more at Wired.

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